Friday, September 6, 2013

Write, Write and then some...

It isn't easy for someone to describe themselve as a person and worse, what their role in society is. I am a writer, not only in a educational sense, but in everyway I tend to write most things down. Of course recently there hasn't been much writing, in fact there has barely been and creativity on my part.

My name is Deborah Cruz, I'd like to think of myself as an artist, I enjoy creating and making things. It is one of the main reason why I decided to major in madia, because I have the opportunity to create. The media can create a persona for you, these days people live their lives according to the media and to social networks. Recently, I tried deleting my Facebook for personal reasons, only to find out that I couldn't "delete" I could only "deactivate" right then it hit me, with our vast fusion with social media it is now nearly imposible to erase yourself from the map. There will always be a trace of you in the media, so now it is up to us to make the best of that.

I have tried to do my part for the new social age, I began with a blog which made me realize I had nothing to write about and made me feel depressed and a little challanged when I realized I had commitment issues with the blog. That project quickly went out the window and left back where I started...wordless. So I got unfocused, left my creativity behind and focused on the most uncreative thing in the world. School.
Like many people I twitter and instagram, that is what my media consumption revolves around, mostly for the purpose of becoming known and getting "out there." Last semester I took part in a 3 minute film for my class when I acted in it, it was my first perfomance and hopefully my last, yet it is still currently on YouTube, where I avoid it at all cost. Ultimately, I am trying to get into the magazine world where I wish to pursue a careeer as a writer.

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