Friday, September 6, 2013

I am NOT crazy!

I am not who I was before, and that makes things more complicated. I am a book mender, putting books back on the shelf instead of in the garbage. I am also a volunteer to the Brooklyn Public Library whenever they need me. I had always had a love for books and that love had been slowly replaced by shows over the years. However being introduced to media studies displayed a new understanding of the media I had consumed over the years. The idea of studying an image had always resonated with me as I jokingly critiqued bias media surrounding me, but I had always concluded that I “over think things”. It was a relief to know that images are not always what they seem to be, because it meant I wasn’t a crazy babbler.

I have become more aware of racism in media, not to say I believed it didn’t exist but rather not to the extent I have been redirected to assess. It was shocking to examine the underlining racism and sexism of some movies that seem innocent in appearance but degrade groups of people. We have all been categorized based on one aspect of our lives and displayed in mainstream media as extremes of that attribute. That form of media becomes a bases for others to judge us, and to combat it we must use media to defend ourselves against bias generalizations.
 underlining racism and sexism 

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