Saturday, September 7, 2013

Loyal and Loving like Candy

Who am I?  simply speaking, I am a sophomore college student, a pharmacy technician, and a girl still trying to figure herself out.  I am a consumer of media, mainly mainstream.  I live on fashion blogs and magazines.  I am a lover of color and animals.  I also have an obsession with cleanliness, organization, sophistication, and quirky things. I have learned recently that I am a very routined person, without order or routine, I would feel on edge.  This may explain how I always check my Instagram then emails and then fashion blogs any time I turn my laptop on.

I definitely take part of media through mainstream.  I follow mainstream news, music, movies, fashion, and social networking.  That is because it is easily accessible.  I take part in media from the way I obtain my information.  Whether it is through the news, blogs, my magazine subscriptions, and even advertisements in the subway.  It is hard to say we are not influenced or are a part of media because it is simply everywhere.  I am not in favor of the way I obtain my information because media tends to project 'ideal'  lifestyles, body images, and what is acceptable in this society.  Those who do not fit in this 'ideal' image cannot express themselves the way they view as ideal and get made fun of. 

My ideal world would be for people to be as loyal and loving as my dog, Candy. 

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