Friday, September 6, 2013

I am not a Gamer, but i play games.....

Lets start with the required image and link. I picked two guilty pleasures of mine.

An innocent pass-time of mine.

I may not be a gamer, but I do play some games...

Am I too old for Pokemon? Some people might say so, but I don't really care Pokemon is one of those things in my life that i have consistently followed and loved throughout my life. From the premiere of the first episode in my early childhood;  to the introduction of the next generation of Pokemon (Pokemon X&Y) next month; Pokemon been one of those things in my life that has changed with me.

Now on with the question at hand.......

Who do I think I am? This is often a question I constantly feel uncomfortable answering. I thought all week for an elegant way to answer the question, but I couldn't. The truth is most college students are probably in their early twenties, and have absolutely no idea. Even with my opinion of myself constantly changing, there are a certain things that are already set in stone. Like I can't change the fact that: I'm a first generation Mexican; I was born in Queens, but raised in the Bronx; I grew up and live in the projects just blocks away from Park Ave from the other side of the river; and so forth. This information probably won't even begin to provide the tools needed to paint a clear picture of me. Life is like a pixelated picture. You can either wait for it to load to get a clearer picture, or zoom out and try to make out the picture the best you can with what you have.

So who I think I am?  At this very moment I think I am person who has been fortunate to have the opportunities I've had. While thinking about what to post in this post; I realized that I may have been guilty on several occasions of taking the opportunities for granted. I never had much, but having the little i had is a hell of a lot better than nothing. I had encouraging teachers in high school that kept pushing me to graduate on time. even though most didn't think I could. I was lucky enough to get assigned quality professors & staff at BMCC that helped me get to where I am now. I am now lucky enough to be a student at Hunter college, and can't wait to see how my first semester unfolds.

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