Friday, September 6, 2013

I Express, therefore I am.

I knew who I thought I was going to become at the age of 10. I knew that I had the full potential to become whatever I put my mind to. Hence early on in my childhood I progressed as spy; a Detective; an Archeologist and even a General of my own army of 5... :) Growing up in a decaying urban environment, I believe it lead me into this world of the imagination to pick up those broken pieces of my surroundings. Although the immediate world around me was in turmoil, I set forth on my daily journeys, recruiting a friend or two to for full those fantasies of escape.  

 This formulation in my mind as a child gave me the will not hold back my own developmental abilities. I was blessed with a household that seldom restricted me intellectually. A South Bronx girl transformed by her childhood adventures, gave presence to the woman I am today. I see the world through the lens of the ever changing I, and formulate it back through my eyes in the form of Art.


 But what do I consider art? And who do I think I am? These questions go hand in hand, for me. I never thought I would achieve formulating my own Band, nor did I ever think I would have success as a Model acquiring two book covers.  Blah, Blah Blah…. I tend to shy away from speaking about myself, for I find it a bit superficial because for me, with all due respect, who I am I is more than just words written on this Blog. We live in a technological world of over saturation, and frankly I am not only a victim of this saturation but also a perpetrator.


And as that perpetrator I have several websites where I mediate my art form and ideas of expression. It all started with MySpace and its amazing idea to connect individual across the world. I met some of my closest friend on that site. I told stories in the form of photos and word play. Unfortunately this is no longer, not because of Facebook or the other innovative networking sites, but because they took on a whole new interface which chose to delete and erase all my media and not even tell me. This is where things can get very frustrating as an artist who is at the beckon mercy of sites such as these. We do not own anything that is not physical tangible. So as a result I am in the process of becoming independent of these sites that have become our portals into mindless time consumption of this virtual surreal life.





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