Saturday, September 7, 2013


    I don't believe anyone could articulately describe who they are in merely two paragraphs.  To do so would be succumbing yourself to find words that define your actions and behaviors, but as a consequence, forgoes your histories and narratives that constitutes who you are.  By relinquishing your histories and narratives, the defining words only leave you vulnerable to the generalizations and stereotypes that associates with those words.  However, these idiosyncrasies are not without purpose, they distinguish us between the self and the other in the communities we interact with; either forming a connection established upon similarities that leads to acceptance or ostracization due to discrepancies between you and the community.  I also don't believe anyone have just a single identity; Bruce Wayne is not simply the Batman, nor is Peter Parker just Spider-Man.  In different situations and groups, we take on different identities and personae conforming to our needs at the time.  An individual consists not of a singular identity, but a multiplicity.  If there is a single expression that identifies me and overlaps with my multiplicity, it would be "a blob of jelly": shaped and marginalized by the hegemonic views of Western culture through institutions and the mass media.

    I am a victim of the mass media, unable to escape its sphere of influence nor able to resist its temptations.  Collaborated with zealous advocates, I am enticed regularly at unexpected moments with the media's irresistible offerings of the exotic and the unknown; it is a whisperer whose sole purpose is to inveigle me from accomplishing my current task at hand.  Crestfallen and will broken, I too, wish for one day able of joining the ranks of the advocates, proliferating the practice of procrastination.  With a clear goal in mind and a rabid passion kindling inside my chest, I shall carry on the torch, with dreams and hopes of converting the succeeding generations into accomplished procrastinators as well.
One of media's random offerings

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