Friday, September 27, 2013

I Just Have A lot of Feelings

Okay, so I know that there isn't an assignment to post anything, but as my title suggests, I have a lot of feelings that I need to express. (By the way, if anyone caught that Mean Girls reference, it would make me so happy.) Anyhow, onto my purpose.

I respect everyone's opinion in this class. I value everyone's opinion in this class, and I look forward to hearing everyone's opinion on this subject matter. However, I would just like to state that it feels like a somewhat hostile environment to voice my own thoughts. Granted, I am not one who is afraid to debate a topic (although I'd really rather not), and I generally have the same thoughts, opinions, and beliefs as many of you. I am just saying that when it comes to voicing an opinion that may not be agreed upon, or may just be worded in a way that is offensive, it may be hard for others to come forward and say something.

 I highly doubt that anyone has the intention of being malicious, or attacking a fellow classmate, but from last week's class I would just like to say that it got very heated and I got uncomfortable just sitting in silence while I watched and listened to people being in a sense, executed for an opinion or word choice. Everyone has an opinion that they are entitled to voice.

I am not saying that we have to agree with everyone, and sit in a circle singing "Kumbaya" or what have you, because that is bullshit, and defeats the purpose of the class I feel. I do feel, however that people should be allowed to speak without being in fear of attack. I felt attacked when I was just trying to rescue a fellow classmate who unfortunately keeps digging himself into a large grave due to his poor choice in words. I also believe that some other guys in class may speak if there were not a hypothetical angry mob of townswomen carrying torches and pitchforks. Not to be mean, but it feels like a sort of men vs. women situation occurring in class, which I suppose the class is about in a sense, but I'm sure the men in the class are not "against" you (but if they are, then I guess you have every right to attack).

So as we venture into tomorrow, and no one reads this, let's not go into battle please, because it's stressful and causes tension, and ain't nobody got time for that.

Hope this wasn't offensive in any way.


  1. I think it's important that those opinions you deem your are persecuted for are not contributing to an already prevalent sexist structure. It's not an "attack" if someone responds. It's not irrational anger. "I also believe that some other guys in class may speak if there were not a hypothetical angry mob of townswomen carrying torches and pitchforks." Ah, yes, very innocuous analogy...

  2. My opinions aren't the ones that are going to contribute to this prevalent sexist structure. Someone else may have an opinion that does, but it doesn't mean that they don't have a right to voice it, and maybe receive enlightenment rather than a harsh attack, most people who speak in a way that seems to contribute to this structure do not understand, and need clarification instead of being spoken to in a manner that makes the "angry feminist" idea seem accurate.

  3. I wasn't in class last week (I always miss the good stuff), but I'm sure everything that may or may not have happened was just blown waayyyyyyy out of proportion. That's the beauty of classes like these, you can talk about very controversial topics, issues, and debates, without fear regardless of whether you actually believe in them or not.

  4. I would give you a cookie and a hug right now if I could.