Friday, September 6, 2013

Who am I?

     Right now my main answer to that question is that I'm an over-thinker.  I am writing this down to the wire because I have second guessed, over analyzed and eventually deleted all my previous attempts. So now I'm just going to jump in...I was born in Vancouver Canada on new years eve in 1988.  I have an older brother named Peter (we are pictured to the right.)  As a child my family moved around quite a bit.  When I was nine we moved from inner city Vancouver to a small fishing village in Scotland, two years later we moved back to Vancouver only to leave again within a year.  We moved to the suburbs near New York in 2000, but only lasted their a year before we moved further up state to the small town of Cold Spring. I like to think that all of that moving around has made me a lot more adaptable to change.  It also taught me how to play alone as a kid (it takes time to make new friends) and because of that I can both wiggle my nose and play cats cradle by myself. 
     Since graduating high school in 2007 I have traveled to Honduras, Cameroon and Paris.  I have worked at a Bed and Breakfast, A health food store, two different farms, a country club's farm to table attempt, a library and most recently at a summer camp in VT.  Some where in the middle of that I spent a year at Mt. Allison University in Sackville, NB.  This is my second year at Hunter and I'm kind of proud of myself for not dropping out again despite having itchy feet. 
     As far as media is concerned I am much more of a consumer than a creator.  I like to think that I am a savvy consumer, but that is probably not always the case.  I like to read on-line newspapers (the Guardian and sometimes the New York Times.) I often follow links in my facebook feed that my friends have posted.  This leads to a steady stream of upsetting news articles and blog posts about social injustice and human cruelty interspersed with the occasional picture of a cute cat.  I am acutely aware that I often only hear about the injustices that my facebook friends find important enough to post.  I have a weekly subscription to New York Magazine.  I bought Cosmo magazine for awhile, at first mostly to laugh at, and started to really enjoy it. I went back through my old issues recently (I stopped buying Cosmo over year ago) and was kind of horrified at the content: the images, articles and ads.  What upset me the most though was how quickly I had become desensitized to the material back when I read it regularly.  I felt that I should have known better and I might not be as savvy a media consumer as I hoped.

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