Friday, September 6, 2013

I am Evolving

Sweaty Palms and a steadily increasing heart beat; common sensations which consume me when I am asked to give what I insist must be a clever and witty introduction in to who I believe Natasha Marie is. These vibrations which pulse through me are hardly because I am bursting with excitement, eager to exaggerate a lengthy list of my accomplishments and my untapped plan to save the world.

Truthfully, I am terrified of these sorts of things; terrified to the say the wrong thing, terrified to say the right thing, terrified to open my mouth only to have some conglomeration of words come out that only resemble english. In reality I am a modest girl living in a giant world. I come from humble beginnings. The daughter of a teenage mother who struggled her way to the prestigious position of Directorship for Media Technology Applications at NBC Universal; whose career in the Media industry ignites my passions and aspirations to become involved with media in some, still unknown, form more and more everyday. And a modest Arkansan boy, deprived of the chance to go to High School let alone College. A father who placed an emphasis on the importance of knowledge and self-education more than some of his college educated peers ever did for their children, who makes an honest living as a Superintendent/ Project Manager for construction. However, in full disclosure my life has been consumed by circumstance and necessity, I have rarely had everything I wanted but I have always had what I needed.

Sure I could tell you I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt to two beautiful little girls, one who was born this very morning 9/06 at 1:31 am. I could tell you I am a student, a perhaps too dedicated assistant manager of a small Frozen Yogurt shop, and my responsibilities often trump my social life. I am no budding artist or musician, I have a lot to say but shouldnt always express those things aloud, my thoughts keep me awake most nights, and I would lift weights any day of the week over getting on the dreadmill. Some might claim that this is Natasha Marie "in a nutshell" and that is true, but these descriptions only capture me in this moment in time, excluding all the things I wish for and am striving to be.

I am evolving. This to me is far more important than who I am. I strive to live everyday better; to smile a little more, to work a little smarter, to reflect on my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths, to treat others kindly, to cherish the little things which are the pieces the bigger picture is comprised of, to be passionate, to be a creator and not just a consumer, to be rich with experience and most importantly to continue striving toward a life which is no longer only defined by necessity.

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