Friday, September 6, 2013

Wait Who?

How do I define who I am? Is there a formula that will give me the answer? Is who I am based on my history- the daughter of two hispanic immigrants whose strong work ethics still resonates and motivates everything I do. Or is it how I'm currently living?- trying to balance being a full time student, intern, and worker bee. Maybe who I am can be answered through a list of adjectives that don't really relate to each other but sound ideal, yet is somehow on everyone's list of personal adjectives: creative, sarcastic , thoughtful, hardworking, etc. Or maybe the answer is combination of all three answers: I'm a creative individual who was believes that aspirations are met through sacrifice, dedication. and hard work. 

I aspire to be a stylist and fashion director. I had my first glimpse of my aspiration last summer when I interned with a freelance stylist. I eventually transitioned to magazines and now have an internship at Elle Magazine that has cemented my goal to become a fashion director. I want to be  inspired by films and fashion collections and create a visual story through clothing. 
 W Magazine September 2013 editorial

My love of fashion and media consumption go hand-in-hand. While I don't have a twitter and rarely post on instagram, I still use these networks religiously to stalk stylists, bloggers, and photographers. Thanks to social media I now not only get my fashion fix through print magazines but also the latest fashion blogs and works of stylists. I think being able to pull up Alexander Wang's latest collection or staying updated on the street style scene on a daily basis,  influences who I am and want to be- or at least influence what I wear that day.

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