Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Keeping the World Moist One Day at a Time

I am Brandon. I have a fascination with words...particularly the word moist. It's a bit repulsive and tends to make people uncomfortable, and I think that's why I enjoy it so much. I like to break the ice and bring people out of their shells. I tend to seem a bit obnoxious and pretentious at first, and that's my own personal shell that I'm trying to break after years tirelessly constructing it. However, I am actually a really nice person, and I have yet to hear of someone disliking me. Overall I'd say I'm perfect. (The first step is to admit the problem).

I live for the applause and I love to entertain.

I live in my own little world and know so much, and yet very little about the world I live in. I was home schooled from 1st to 5th grade so I grew up reading newspapers and watching the news and I've grown to detest almost everything about our society. Due to being home schooled during a critical time in ones life to learn basic social skills, and ways of interacting with humanity, it seems logical that I had great difficulty associating with my peers upon being thrust into the chaotic zoo that is public middle school.The experiences of being shunned from my peers and reading about the dreadfully macabre world shattered my rose tinted glasses. Unfortunately not much of the topics discussed in media became any more pleasant, so naturally, I slowly shut myself out from most media and news due to the depression that it caused me. (I clearly have an addiction to the use of hyperbole). But in all honestly, it's really bad. If it hasn't popped up on Facebook, Instagram, or one of the 10 channels that I watch on tv, then I probably don't know about it.

My Friend Audrey Leonard (who is also in this class) took this picture of me.

And this quote resonates with me for some reason.

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