Saturday, September 7, 2013

Moving to Above Average

Moving to Above Average

I think I am an incredibly average media user. I'm working on that. Average means I don't excel at consuming media. I'm not the first to find interesting materials. I generally read things that have been read a million times before I arrived on them. I'm working on that. 

Proficient media users impress me, especially internet users. How people find so many useful items on all the different forums of the internet blows my mind. When it comes to technology I am a creature of habit. I can honestly list the websites I visit daily right now; NYTimes, BBC, Al Jezeera, NPR, Pitchfork, Fader, Vice, MLB, ESPN. They're all very mainstream media. However, I adore the news they release. Reading through articles and making connections about events can keep me entertained for hours. I read on the train, on buses and in class (I know I shouldn't, but I do). 

I study media for the same purpose, so I can be involved in the news and work for a news agency. Not necessarily as journalist, but as research analyst. Currently I work as photographer's assistant. This summer I interned for Jill Wachter, it was an incredibly challenging experience that I learned a lot from. You can see her work at Deciding whether or not I want to continue photography is permanently on my mind. It would be a difficult path and wouldn't necessarily be what I enjoy most in life.

Finally, my last goal in life this year is to understand Reddit. Everyone raves about Reddit and it might be the most confusing thing on the internet to me. Literally when I look at it, I see this: 
I mean, what?

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