Thursday, May 22, 2014

Media Perpetuation of Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Disorders

For my final project, I decided to focus on how the media effects women's self image and how it directly correlates to the development of eating disorders. This is a very personal topic for me, as I have personally struggled with less severe forms of eating disorders and have known many young women who suffer from more severe forms. Since I plan in going into the academic field of abnormal neuropsychology, I have decided to create a research paperthat examines the link of different forms of media, especially advertisements, television, and social media, on the growing epidemic of eating disorders. This is a serious national issue: up to 65% of women have one form or another of eating disorders. Research has shown a direct correlational link between the images we see constantly in media and body dissatisfaction. I hope to do future research in this area throughout my academic career, and hope to find new information that could help us change the way media portrays women and how women respond to media representations in a positive, body-healthy way.