Saturday, September 7, 2013

An Ordinary Person

Who am I?

William McCain, call me Will but does a name really define who a person is.

I am human being that breathes, feels emotion and does everyday bodily functions just like the other seven billion people apart of the human race. We are all the same but with specific characteristics that dignify who we really are. I feel everybody has his or her own unique purpose on this earth. Generally, this purpose goes unrealized until the end of life, where you go to funerals and see so many sad people weeping over the loss of a person. Sometimes a person purpose may be life changing, culture changing, and world changing or simple as continuing life itself. So when somebody asks me who am I? I say I don’t know because I haven’t found my purpose in life yet.

Media is so prevalent in so many different spectrums today that everybody plays a vital role in it.  My role in media is a creator of still and visual motion; I am a hobbyist photographer/videographer.  I try to consume least amount of media possible so the media I mostly consume media that you can’t control like the amount of consumption of advertisements.  Media-making is interesting because everybody makes media because media could be as simple a viewpoint but the many perspectives and the goals of the media varies.

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  1. Well said.
    Thank you for your words and ideas.

    Media has become our dictators.. yet we are passive aggressive. It floods our minds with unnecessary feed that is consuming. But we need it to keep us ahead of everyone else.