Saturday, October 19, 2013

Women in the White House

The percentage of women in the United States government is embarrassing. Based on a chart created by Inter Parliamentary Union, the United Stated of America is #80 in a list ranking in their respective lower and upper house of Senate or Parliament. Countries notorious for abusing women rights, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia all rank above the US.

I want my final project to bring this information to the masses, and do more than just deliver it. I plan on designing a T-Shirt that promotes gender equality, and lets people know that America doesn’t even crack the top 40% when it comes to women in government. I will sell the T-Shirt and donate all profits to an organization is helping bridge the gap. I first thought of The White House Project, but they’ve actually run out of funding and were forced to shut down early this year. In a press release announcing the closing of their doors, they mentioned that they will continue to work with two others organizations working towards the same cause.

“[O]ur work will continue as it transitions to other organizations," the group's outgoing president, Tiffany Dufu, said in an online statement pointing to the Levo League and noting that "Vote Run Lead is being launched as a new organization to continue the political leadership training" previously provided by the White House Project.

The Levo League is a "startup designed to elevate young women in the workforce by providing the career resources needed to achieve personal and professional success," mainly focused on Gen Y women and those just starting their careers. Vote Run Lead describes itself as "the country's largest nonpartisan civic and political training program," and worked in close partnership with the White House Project for the past decade to train women considering in pursuing political careers.”

I’m still debating on which of the two I will donate my procedes to.
My timeline is as follows:

October: Finalize t-shirt design, decide which organization I will contribute to.
November: Prepare e-marketplace. Place initial order of T-Shirts. Start Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook                     pages promoting the T-Shirt and delivering the message.

December: Launch.


  1. This is a really ambitious project, and I like that. I guess the most obvious question I have (and also the question you're probably least likely to be able to answer at this point) would be: what is the tshirt going to look like? Sounds really stupid yes, but I'm curious. Also, I'd be interested to see if/how you use statistics. They are slippery. Beware percentages.

    1. Oh and one other thing: I'm not sure how this fits into the too-broad or too-narrow spectrum. Something tells me it's a bit of both, and I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing.