Friday, October 18, 2013

I am going to make a newspaper or magazine (not too sure yet). This work will consist of two fictional stories of teenagers who have gone to great lengths in order to achieve the ideal “body”. My main focus will be on actual nutrition facts and how you should look at yourself. I will also include a real interview with one of the teenagers I work with in an afterschool program. I want to find out what are her views on how she feels she needs to look, what is the ideal beautiful woman to her, and what does she feel she needs to work on. I will also show adds that contradict what I am trying to achieve in the article. I want this to feel like a real piece of work, which is why I am including those. Actual statistics will be given to thw audience showing suicides, eating disorders, and obesity. I want to be for everyone, but I am focusing on the teenage group specifically because they are the ones most affected.

I am making this so then people know that these unreal images are what kids think are beautiful and are living their lives by it. I want kids to know what proper nutrition is and that being skinny does not necessarily mean that you are healthy. To know that a little bit of extra meat on you is not such a bad thing. To learn to think for themselves and not worry about what others feel about them is beautiful. The only opinion that should matter is that of yourself, and if you truly feel that you need to lose weight then change it for you and not for anyone else.

            I am going into the Food Sciences, and I feel that this project will show exactly what I intend to accomplish while on my way to get my degree.  I will begin in the beginning of November with 3 interviews throughout the break with the teenager. I intend to become sort of a mentor for her, throughout her trails of her high school year. My other work such as the designing of the newspaper/magazine will come later on in order to ensure things are properly looked up and proper facts are taken into consideration.

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  1. I like the main concept of your project, I'm a little confused as to what you mean by "My main focus will be on actual nutrition facts and how you should look at yourself".
    I would definitely tread lightly there, because although body image and eating habits are strongly related, there really isn't one set guideline for how many people should eat-- it's incredibly specific to each individual.

    You may find it easier to separate out the idea of body image with food science & nutrition, and instead keep stick to the emotions a person with body image issues may have in regard to food and diet, and investigate why they follow the diet they do.