Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Unconventional Life Choice

            For centuries, plenty of girls have dreamed of it. With full attentiveness, they’ll start planning out their wedding day to every last detail; This includes the handsome fiance, the massive rock on their finger, the time of year, the dress, the hairdo, the wedding song and you can’t forget the elaborately decorated cake. However, as women all over the world continue the tradition of marriage and family, something else is brewing beneath the surface, and it’s no coincidence that it arrives not to long after the Feminist Movement. What’s appearing is a new type of woman, one who doesn’t follow the world’s expectations and who chooses to do things her way. The conventional marriage and family don’t serve as a priority to her. As women continue to gain their independence, could it be that marriage is outdated? Certain females feel comfortable living their lives without signing the paper, and while some opt to raise children, others opt to do the opposite. Females from the past, would cringe at the thought of this and look down on the few women that lived this way, but currently it’s become more acceptable. There are a string of celebrities who serve as poster children for the unconventional female, including Eva Mendes and Cameron Diaz.
            This video project is meant to reach out to females who don’t necessarily want what older generations expect of them. It’s also meant to allow women to open up to the idea that they don’t have to settle downt to a husband or family. Priorities have changed for individuals and its better off that they don’t get themselves into something they don’t want. A spouse deserves someone who’s 100 percent dedicated and a child deserves a parent who wants children. As more people feel pressured into getting married, divorce rates continue to go higher, and some may find that couples that choose to stay together are keeping their distance. A new alternative allows for two different people who aren’t romantically involved to share a child. Children aren’t obtained by sexual intercourse, but they are created through artificial insemination.
            I would also like to include other females from the past who criticized the idea of marriage. Sylvia Pankhurst was an early feminist who never married the father of her children, causing society to dislike her and her mother to never speak to her again. Clare Chambers, another feminist makes note of how sexist marriage can be. Overall, this topic would be interesting to discuss, because it’s something that is taboo for certain people.

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  1. I'm not saying the resources are poor, but be careful how you use them. I feel like your project would be best served as objectively as possible, rather than, say, responding to ludicrous things in Cosmo. I also think it may be useful to bring religion and legal alternatives to marriage into your discussion. I like your idea, you ask a few questions I've been pondering myself.

  2. perhaps you could also incorporate who ridiculous brides are portrayed in shows like 'say yes to the dress' and 'bridezillas'. after watching those shows my ideas of marriage changed drastically. its like youre putting on a show for all your family and friends, not necessarily celebrating your love for your partner.

  3. This project could potentially answer the questions of the young ladies in our nation losing it's identity for the sake of a capitalistic society that couldn't give a shit about you. This could potentially gain the viewers of the entire nation. The past is the past, and people of today's age do want different things and aren't afraid to express that about themselves.
    On an advising note, I suggest that you take into consideration all demographics pertaining to the women of the U.S.
    Don't forget to include the strong influences of color and social class of the women you decide to observe.
    I agree with marriage having a changed definition in a rather recent amount of time. It's an institution worth delving into because it should be something sacred between two people forgetting the legalities and benefits our government may regulate to married persons. Today, people are getting married as many as times as they take vacations. The sanctity has been replaced with societal pressures to get married, be secure, and learn to love the person you are willing to grow with.

    Good Luck!

  4. Interesting subject. The Wedding business is a multi-billion dollar business. It is not just what is sold to the bride and groom which is part of the business deal; "Bride and Groom" deciding to take the next step may be a regular business transaction as well. Don't forget to bring to the table both sides of the coin and also feature couples with a good marriage and their input on the business of marriage.

  5. I like the idea. Perhaps, you could spend a day or two by the City Hall with a camera asking the newlyweds some questions or just getting their outfits on video. You might be able to conduct your own "research" on what wedding day wear is in style among the couples in New York. I used to work in that area and let me tell you - there are a lot of extraordinary characters getting married each day!