Saturday, December 7, 2013

Women's Body Image and Health

Having anything in excess is never good.  This would include an obsession with body image and ways to change our bodies in unhealthy ways.  Everywhere we go, we are bombarded with media telling us we are less than perfect.  We now have an obsession with losing weight and to be skinny like the models on television or magazines.  Healthy or not, women are finding ways to lose weight fast and this is a growing problem.
Working at Walgreens Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician, I see many patients who come to get their diabetic or blood pressure medication.  From my experience, these are the top two health conditions these patients have.  I work in a predominately low income neighborhood and it saddens me to see the type of food choices they make when I ring their dozen cans of soda, cheese danishes, and ramen along side with their blood pressure medication.
“Be well and stay well” is Walgreens’ slogan.  I say this to every customer who checks out at the pharmacy.  Those words just pass without anyone taking its meaning to heart.  Being healthy is a lifestyle.  It affects us now and in the future.  By investing in this, we can live longer and happier lives.  Being healthy does not only mean physical health, but also mental health.  Some people want to be healthy.  However, with the media breathing down our necks, it is difficult to stay positive about our body images especially if we don’t look like models. But cheating health is never the way to go.  In this blog, I will inform and show alternatives to living healthier and happier.

In this blog, I have common myths and its facts about health, as well as tips of the day related to health.  I had also incorporated images, videos, and references to other blogs that I found interesting.

"What's wrong with our bodies anyways?"

Positive Body Image

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