Saturday, December 7, 2013

S.C.A.R Magazine.

Hello world! Welcome to S.C.A.R. magazine. This is the title I chose for this magazine not because the magazine will focus on gnarly scars, but because it’s an acronym. It’s an acronym for: Secretly Caring About Reactions. I chose this acronym for specific reasons. A scar is something visible that is left behind by past injuries. In most cases the scar eventually fades away, but traces of it will always remain. While most people might stay insecure about it, some will go on not caring. This way of thinking can be attributed to emotional scars as well, and like a cut we care or feel anything until we see it. This was my concept – most people don’t think about social issues until its right in front of their faces. We secretly care about reactions, and we don’t realize until it’s brought to our attention. This is the reasoning for the title. I ultimately decided to host the zine on tumblr. It provided a host that would be able to live on after the class. I originally wanted to exclusively include unisex content. I wanted to provide an alternative to publications that perpetuate gender roles - publications that dictated what’s acceptable for men and women to wear. However as I search for content I found other things I wanted to include, and the project evolved from that. I found that a lot of the things I originally intended to include didn’t make the cut, and new sections came to be. While it was initially a blow to my ego, since most of my own content didn’t fit into the new direction. (At least for the time being.) That being said S.C.A.R eventually evolved into a space where I can share content (activism, information, video, articles, art projects, etc) that present ways to dispel social norms.

 Without further adieu...

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