Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Time,Our Story: Black Women, Beauty, & Sisterhood

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  1. Kelly, I think you have something so strong here. Honestly, I was blown away by all the time you took to make those pamphlets and all the paperwork. I really don't think you should limit yourself. Make it a real thing! This is still so needed in our society today and in our media! Depictions of black women, especially in regards to hair, continue to be negative (if they have "bad hair"). I actually think the hair thing could be a uniting force. There are many Afro-Latinas, among many others (not just African American women), who feel cornered or boxed in due to our society's very static view of what "good hair" is and what it means to have good hair (you're automatically "better", more recognized, etc.). I think you should have events!! If you need help setting something up or getting people to come, feel free to contact me and I'd do my best to help. I think what you are doing is really important. Thank you!