Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Perspective on the Unconventional Female

         A century ago, it was normal for woman to marry and have babies, but western society has changed its ways. Now it's not totally uncommon to find these 3 type of females: a single mother raising children on her own, a married female who doesn't want children or single female who neither has a husband nor a child. For centuries, these choices were considered taboo, since marriage was a sacred ceremony for two individuals and since women are biologically meant to give birth to children. The media has been open up to this unconventional lifestyle with celebrities being frank about their refusal to marry or have children. During an interview on Chelsea Lately, Eva Mendes and Chelsea Handler bond over their disinterest in marriage. Eva Mendes comments, "We did it for land originally. How unromantic is that?" Charlize Theron is another celebrity who shares similar beliefs. During her interview with Piers Morgan, she spoke of her support for gay marriage but explained how she doesn't want to perform the act herself, explaining, "Marriage, before I felt this way about this issue, was never something that was important...I want for myself a long-term relationship...The actual ceremony is not something that's important to me." On the same television show, Chelsea Handler made an appearance and surprised Piers Morgan when she said she doesn't want to be a mother, claiming, "I honestly feel like I'm the type of person that if I had a child, I think a lot of other things would fall short in my life, because I would be so hyper-focused on that, and I feel some people just have a child because they think it's time."
          One thing to point out is that we women are in transitional phase where our roles our changing, therefore, young girls are receiving mixed messages on what path they want in life. On one hand, they don't have to settle for the family life. On the other hand, their cultural traditions may have them feeling obligated to have a ceremony. Not to say there is anything wrong in marriage if one wants it, but for certain people it is unnecessary. Considering how people get married for the wrong reasons, is it really something for everyone? Year after year, people will sign a paper for numerous reasons that don't regard love, such as legal immigration, to have financial stability and the need to not feel lonely. In regards to having children, some females are not cut out for it either, and its brave on their part to admit they don't want them.
         Although there has been some acceptance towards the unconventional woman, can she really have it easy? For this video, I decided to ask a handful of people about their opinions on the matter. How must it really feel to be this female and how do people truly view her? I asked these interviewees about the pros and cons of marriage and children, as well as how what they hope for in their personal lives. Not only did I interview young women around my age, but I also decided to interview a young male, three married mothers, including my own, and a single mother who's raising her eight year old son on her own. Overall, these people approved of personal choices made by unconventional female, even if they didn't necessarily want it for themselves. They concluded how one has to put a lot of thought into what they desire for themselves, and marriage and children will not always be the answer.

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