Saturday, November 2, 2013

Women Media Arises

          Women are underrepresented and misrepresented in the media.  Furthermore, the concurrent media constantly reinforces these caricatures of women that disempowered them socially, politically, and economically.  In order to counteract the effects of the media, alternative media surfaced.  However, for the goal to come into fruition, the alternative media must not reflect "what already exists", but to re-marginalize and "alter" our present understandings (Bell Hooks).

          Literary works are open to interpretation and when these works are remediated into films, they are expressed uniquely based on the cognition of the film crew.  Despite the expression of literary creations being all different depending on the film staff, the majority of them are males; the "signature" of product varies significantly depending on the gender of the interpreter (Maggie Humm).  By proliferating female into positions that have authority in the design of the media production, an alternative media is produced as a result that caters to the realities of women.

Different genders, different narratives

          Although "gynocriticism" offers a surrogate media, they are hindered by fiscal support (Maggie Humm).  Financial supporters of women's media are slowly increasing but the amount available in the pool is limited and sometimes lead to contention amongst women media groups for financial assistance.  In addition, they are "threatened" by media consolidation by established media corporations that wish to regulate all forms of information distribution (Debra Zimmerman).

           Another form of alternative media is independent news, a media source that is not financially supported by groups in exchange for any sort of profit.  The independent news, truthout is an example of such media source.  They provide news that are not deemed mediagenic by the mainstream, which attracts those who are interested in hearing the untold narratives of various events across the globe.  Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of truthout pertains to the majority of their staff consists of females, which might potentially bring in a different direction of how their news get published.

          Nevertheless, the media group is not without debatable flaws.  Truthout claims to be "free of bias", but can any interpretation of information be truly without any prejudice?  The current state of truthout seems to be contradictory of their claim, for as they gained more support from the number of readers, they expanded the range of their services.  Most of these new services are highly-opinionated news, such as the "Opinion", "Speakout", and "Progressive Picks" sections.   

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