Sunday, November 3, 2013

Effect of Spanish Language Soaps - Novelas, on Women


Final Project: The Effect of Spanish Language Soap Operas on Women

This project will study Spanish Language Soap Operas or “Telenovelas” and the effect on society and particularly in women.  We will see how women are portrayed and the stereotyping occurring in this type of drama produced for television.  We will also study the variations on linguistics that occur and the influence on behavior and general conduct.

We will also include views on body image according to cultural specifics and how sexuality is sold through these mediums.  The study is based in programs either produced in the United States as well as in Latin American countries and which are viewed via Satellite or Cable Television and packaged for consumption in the USA.

Besides stereotyping, we will also study how Patriarchy is ingrained in the viewer, defined gender roles and its effect on women.  It is intended for the education of women but will serve as a tool to inform society in general.

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