Saturday, November 9, 2013

A New Alternative to Dear Abby

                                                        The Mouthy Housewives Website 
          Imagine your relationship with your significant other has gone sour. You don't want to run to a parent, because there are just certain things you'd like to keep private. You don't want to complain to your  friends, because they'll just think you're just being a Negative Nancy. Therefore, you're having trouble with confiding your issues. So what can a person do when they don't want to discuss their issues with people they know? They can come talk to strangers. In fact, it's become common for a person to express their problems to bloggers. The Mouthy Housewives is a popular website where people can anonymously submit their everyday problems to obtain advice from housewife bloggers.
          This phenomenon first started when a group of bored housewives wanted to spread their good advice with some good jokes. Older generations can remember Dear Abby, an advice column that became popular in the 1950s, where people would vent to Pauline Phillips about their concerns. This website has the same idea, only with a twist. The housewives like to call themselves Dear Abby 2.0, because people are now living in a new era where the virtual world has become superior to periodicals, plus it doesn't hurt like they like to add a touch of humor. The group consists of Wendi Aarons, Marinka, Kristine, Kelcey Kinter and Karen Gerwin. Each of these housewives has found success outside of the blog, involving themselves in various publications and making numerous television appearances. They represent the women of today, ones that can be career driven while still settling down to families.
          The Mouthy Housewives isn't geared towards a specific audience. One would assume that mostly middle-aged women will write to them, but they'd be surprised to find grown men turning for answers, as well as adolescent males and females. Categories will range from experiences with dating life, as well as not wanting to deal with other people's children. One man approached the website, after realizing he was lacking in the love department because of his lack of machismo. He was kindly told he should go to therapy. Just recently in a post titled, "How Do I Tell My Friend I Don't Want Her Kid Around?", a women wrote them asking what to do about a friends son she's been watching  for a while. Now that her child and him have grown out of their friendship, she doesn't find it fair to babysit. Marinka adds light to the situation by responding, "You had a kid not related to you come to your house throughout the whole school year and now you feel guilty? Look, I personally have never been canonized, so I’m not fully familiar with the secret lives of saints, but I think you have absolutely nothing to feel bad about." (Marinka)
          It's comical to see the housewives respond to creepers and pranksters on the internet, unlike Dear Abby which would have ignored this odd behavior to seem presentable. These ladies don't care about coming off sophisticated and classy. They like to keep things real. For one instance, a prankster wrote a request to have a housewife and a Bhabhi for sex and one housewife wanted to point out how absolutely flattered she was by the request. When it comes to social news, these housewives don't keep quiet on their opinions and pride in their feminism.They expressed disappointment when finding out that female college grads were looking for sugar daddies on dating sites to pay their loans Although they weren't exchanging sexual favors, the ladies debated on whether or not it was prostitution.
         Unfortunately, for fans of the blogs, the housewives have decided to take a hiatus. However, that doesn't stop audiences from checking out the funny answers and good advise they post online. There's four years worth of blogs for one to read. Eventually, the women will get back to giving  comic relief, but till then those pending answers will have to wait. 

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