Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The alternative form of media I choose to research and discuss is Jezebel. Jezebel classifies itself as a blog that is “dedicated to topics contemporary women want to talk about”.  This alternative form of media is a branch of the Gawker Media Group, which has alternative media sites that each specializes in an area. Jezebel articles give a sense of pop culture, with a hint of feminism every now and then that wouldn’t normally be in mainstream media.

Jezebel Logo

The origin of Jezebel was in May 21, 2007, the 14th blog of the Gawker Media Group. The founded of the Jezebel is Anna Holmes, she created the blog simply writing what she would read herself. Anna Holmes came out of college working for Glamour magazine writing about different relationship tactics of getting a male partner, which she hated. The Gawker Media incorporated the Jezebel into one of their many blog to drive in a women followers, which it succeed in doing. The Jezebel drives several million monthly viewers.  

            Jezebel is a form of alternative media that is successful but in my opinion not necessary. It’s successful form alternative media because it ‘s some of it articles are relatable to obstacles women may face on a daily basis. It is not necessary because it’s miniscule sources of news of pop culture things. It’s a feminine blog because it has advertisements of all types of women, unlike the mainstream media. Another reason why its is unnecessary is the simple centered around celebrity gossip, which its not necessary a feminist viewpoint. This alternative form of media is what some women may want to read but it is not a legitimate alternative media strictly based on feminist values.

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